2D Portfolio

Current 2D work freelance projects. Click on the image to play videos.



Cuts I worked on in 'Tegami Project'.


3D Portfolio

Current up-to-date video portfolio with descriptions underneath. Click on the image, and the video will play. On mobile devices, swipe right/left to find other videos.



This is a link to a small watercolour PDF I made during my time life-drawing: Link

This is a link to my 2018 Pre-production project: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YTsA_-18rn3kzmu0E8N3w8tsv9WuwkIuW7M7Fl8CP0E/edit?usp=sharing


Animation Work

Polyfruit Studios (March- September 2021) 3D Blender/ 2D Unity rig animator)

Delia - Racheta (May 2021)(2D character animator, Layout artist, inbetween + colour)

Tegami Project -Kyoto Animation Tribute (October 2019- July2021) (2D Character Animator, Layout artist, inbetween + colour)